Margaret on the island of Iona, 2023. Photo credit: Robert A. Jonas

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, Ph.D., is an author, retreat leader, and Episcopal priest.  In a pioneering ecumenical partnership, she serves as Missioner for Creation Care for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts & Southern New England Conference, United Church of Christ, and as Creation Care Advisor for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. A long-time climate activist, she believes that the ecological crisis – from climate change to the extinction of species – calls us to claim our kinship with all creation, to look deeply into our sources of hope, and to work together to build a just and sustainable future.

This Website is a base camp, giving people a place to rest and reflect, to learn and find encouragement. Some viewers may be burned-out activists, looking for spiritual sustenance. Some may be seekers, wondering how faith and ecology connect. Some may be looking for a bit of insight, a flash of humor, or an idea for what to do next in their ongoing quest to be agents of healing, hope, and justice in the world. The planet needs everybody’s gifts and everyone has a part to play. Thank you for participating in the great work to protect life on Earth. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, and we’re glad you’re here. To contact Margaret: mbj (at) If you’d like to support her work as Missioner for Creation Care, please donate here.
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latest book

Rooted and Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis, co-edited by Margaret and Leah D. Schade, was released in November 2019 by Rowman & Littlefield. It features 21 essays by a wide range of individuals–scientists, scholars, faith leaders, and activists–who write about their sources of strength, wisdom, and hope as they grapple with the climate crisis. The book includes study questions and spiritual practices, making it an excellent choice not only for individual reflection, but also for study groups, classes, and interfaith conversations. (Use this code for a 30% off discount from the publisher: RLFANDF30.)

“In the face of an absolute emergency, the voices in Rooted and Rising represent an important source of inspiration and challenge. There is no time left for delay or half-heartedness in our response to the climate crisis, and these authors call on all of us to do everything we can for the sake of our precious planet.” — Fletcher Harper, executive director, GreenFaith

“This book put new steel in my spine and fired up my resolve. You need this book, and the Earth needs you to take its message and resources to heart.”

— Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/activist

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creation care blog

Climate grief and resistance: Mourning a livable planet

When does a funeral become an act of resistance? When we come together to mourn everything we’ve lost because of a rapidly changing climate. When we dare to disclose how much sorrow and dread we feel every day as we watch the living world being destroyed. When we use the power of ritual to pull us out of fear and isolation into solidarity, courage, and the resolve to act. When our broken hearts impel us not only to grieve in private but also to protest in public.

On July 8, two...

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articles & talks

Risking arrest, standing for love

I want to tell a story about what it was like to be arrested for the first time. Why tell this story now? Because climate change is accelerating. Because we need to consider every possible tool at our disposal to preserve a habitable world. Because deep social change requires a movement of disciplined, peaceful warriors for life. Because we hear the call to serve something larger than ourselves. Because sometimes that call drags us out of our comfort zone.

Before I tell the story, here come three clusters of reflection questions.

  • Under...

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Spiritual resilience in days of trouble: A Creation Care retreat & conference

September 12, 2024 to September 15, 2024

Spiritual resilience in days of trouble: A Creation Care retreat & conference co-sponsored by Provinces IV and V of The Episcopal Church September 12-15 Nazareth Retreat Center, Nazareth, KY • Fees vary, depending on what you sign up for   Retreat leader: The Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas   The cry of the earth cr…

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Rev. Margaret is quoted in Common Dreams, “Elders Arrested Protesting Citibank Funding of Planet’s Destruction” (July 8, 2024), saying: “Citibank is destroying the world that God loved into being and entrusted to our care. At this decisive moment in...

As of its official release on June 20, the 2024 edition of Season of Creation: A Celebration Guide for Episcopal Parishes has already been authorized for use in 42 dioceses during this year’s Season of Creation (Sept. 1-Oct. 4). Rev. Margaret led...

Rev. Margaret testified in favor of a resolution for General Convention that supports adding a worldwide, ecumenical Feast Day of Creation to our liturgical calendar. In an article reporting on the hearing (6/10/24), Episcopal News Service summarized her comments...

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latest multimedia

Rev. Margaret created a short video for the Episcopal Church in Colorado,“Climate Crisis & Reorienting Ourselves to Hope.” It’s the final video in a five-week Lenten series for the diocese, entitled Journey through Lament: Leaning into the Brokenness of...

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