Standing Up When Things Fall Apart

“Standing Up When Things Fall Apart” is a sermon for the First Sunday of Advent, delivered to Church of Reconciliation, San Antonio, Texas (November 28, 2021).
“… The Bible’s end-time passages and their frightening imagery of chaos and distress were not given to us so that we can indulge in wasteful and disheartening political rhetoric, in helplessness, resignation, or fatalism, but just the opposite: in order to sustain our courage, hope, and perseverance even in the midst of crisis.”

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2 Responses to “Standing Up When Things Fall Apart”

  1. Nicholas Warren

    Hi Margaret. Thanks so much for this sermon! I have been so discouraged lately, so the exhortation to stand up resonates strongly.

    • mbj

      Nick, I understand your feeling of discouragement. Many of us are tired, and the onslaught of dire news can feel overwhelming. I am grateful for spiritual practices and perspectives that sustain our strength in a difficult time. We are in this together and now is a great time to stand up, stay active, and stay in love (with life, with God, with the natural world, with other people). I am grateful for your friendship!

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